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restoring faith in love

I never want to be old, but if I am I want it to be like this


Oh I love old people!

Oh my gosh!!! The return to Rita shirts are the best!!! <3

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Jenny Wren by alikasapoglu


The mentally ill literally aren’t allowed to have anything. They aren’t allowed to have their emotions, they aren’t allowed to have their struggles, they aren’t allowed to have their life views. BUT THE PEOPLE AROUND THE MENTALLY ILL OH THINK OF HOW THEY FEEL HAVING TO DEAL WITH THAT ALL THE TIME. IT MUST BE SO HARD ON THE PEOPLE AROUND THAT PERSON STRUGGLING WITH THEIR ILLNESS.

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Cats and Tumblr

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Sometimes, you need to be alone. Not to be lonely, but to enjoy your free time being yourself.

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Queen Marie of Romania, late 1890.
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Queen Marie of Romania, late 1890.

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thecaffeinatedmind said: Hey! If you could have told yourself one thing five years ago that you know now, what would it be? Unrelated to the question, I just wanted to say that I love your blog and that you are beyond inspirational. Thanks. :)



I would have told myself that maybe a degree in Graphic Design, or some sort of marketing might have been better than bouncing between film studies, and secondary education concentrating in English. College is a stepping stone that maybe led me to focus on things I felt passionately about, but I didn’t hone any specific skills I use now for what I am doing.

But, I wouldn’t go back and change anything if I was asked to.

Thank you for the kind words & for following!  

reblogging for any followers in college or who may be going soon.  Just some current day insight from someone who has “been there done that.”